About Us

About Us

A lifelong horsewoman, Anki fell in love with close contact saddles whilst working in France in the mid-nineties. Previously, she had ridden in bulkier German and English saddles that were popular with many British competition riders. She discovered riding in close contact saddles made it easy to be balanced, to deepen her leg position and also to feel more sensitively how the horse was moving underneath her.

She extensively researched the different French brands of close contact saddle and eventually settled on Butet; not only a beautifully crafted product, but a company that believed in providing a reliable back-up service to both her and her customers.

Anki has always been passionately interested in the rider’s position and balance, having been brought up at her parents’ training centre Waterstock, a mecca for world-class competitor riders from the sixties to the nineties. Like all the pupils at Waterstock, Anki spent many hours on the lunge, working on her position, learning the value of a well balanced and independent seat.

Simply, she says, if the rider is not balanced and able to follow the horse’s movement freely, their performance is going to be compromised, and you don’t win classes that way.

Although a major back injury cut her own competition career short, Anki still teaches and gets huge satisfaction from helping young riders. Sederholm quickly grew with Anki selecting other high quality products such as Dy’on bridles, Equifit boots and Flex-On Stirrups to complement the saddles that first caught her eye.

Anki always selects her staff from people who have been riders and competitors themselves, so they can advise customers from first hand experience. The whole team loves catching up with customers old and new, and takes particular pride in making the stand a beautiful and welcoming place to visit at shows.


Clare first met Anki in 1998, the day she first sat in a Butet saddle – needless to say, she bought the saddle! Eventing up to Advanced level, she hung up her competitive boots whilst completing a law degree. By chance, around about this time, she saw an advertisement to work for Sederholm and applied, becoming Office Manager and taking care of the general day to day running of the business, whilst Annika was busy bringing up her young family.

Several years on, Clare now shares the saddle fitting role with Anki as well as managing the repairs and alterations. Clare shares Anki’s obsession with rider balance – it goes without saying that the saddle must fit the horse, but the rider must be in great balance to be effective and allow the horse to do its job of jumping!

Clare is a familiar voice on the Eventing circuit, commentating on the cross country of many events from grassroots all the way up to Advanced level. She watches thousands of riders each year going cross country and sees (and talks about) the effects of rider balance – both good and bad!!






Jess ran the Sederholm office from 2014 – January 2018. Always a friendly face at shows and voice on the end of the telephone, she made order out of chaos and kept the Sederholm office running like clockwork!


In February 2018, she gave birth to gorgeous little Isaac. The team were delighted when Jess came back to work at Sederholm two days a week. She takes care of the promotional riders, social media and organises the Sederholm trade stands.








Jo has had a broad career in horses which started as a working pupil for Judy Bradwell and then went on to work for Dutch Olympian Eddy Stibbe which involved her traveling to all major 4*events, World Games and European Championships.

Jo has competed in both eventing and Working Hunter and won the Working Hunter class at the Horse of the Year Show in 2009.

Jo fits Butet saddles for Sederholm and also sells second hand Butet saddles through her own business and can be found at shows with the Sederholm trade stand.